Geothermal Energy in Africa

Deep below the surface of the Earth there are tremendous heat flow energies revealed by deep mantle upwellings. As technology (computing and software) has advanced, imaging has improved to reveal massive structures well correlated with tectonic theories. Look at the structures below the Western Tropical Pacific and Africa – both locations with significant volcanic activity at plate boundaries and hot spots. These energy resources are waiting for Geothermal development to continue advancing and scaling up. Clean, persistent Geothermal energy is possible on a scale never before imagined if we can continue pursuing these resources.

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This visualization is the first global tomographic model constructed based on adjoint tomography, an iterative full-waveform inversion technique. The model is a result of data from 253 earthquakes and 15 conjugate gradient iterations with transverse isotropy confined to the upper mantle. (Credit: David Pugmire, ORNL)

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