Large Scale Hybrid Renewable Developments

For remote, power intensive Extractive or Hydrocarbon Processing Sites

For remote, power intensive Extractive (Mining), Hydrocarbon Processing, or Industrial sites, sometimes there might be an opportunity to install large scale hybrid renewable energy solutions. Combining Solar PV, Wind, and perhaps Geothermal could offer a resilient energy mix, able to better handle intermittencies and demand peaks. Within these hybrid systems, Energy Storage requirements can be optimised by the mix to produce good Levelised Cost of Electricity ($/MWh). Economic, environmentally sustainable solutions are possible with today’s technologies.

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  • For remote Extractive or Hydrocarbon Processing sites, unconnected to reliable electric utility power grids, there are econom ic, environmentally sustainable alternatives to conventional carbon fuelled power generation. The logistical costs to transport, store, and use carbon energy sources could be significant long term costs. Carbon emissions could attract potential carbon taxes / duties or be contrary to regulatory or corporate commitments.
  • Power demand could be high for Extractive sites based on processing or partial processing of mineral ores at location to capt ure more value and reduce subsequent logistical costs. For some Hydrocarbon sites, energy intensive gas plant processing may be required prior to pipe line export.
  • Depending on the particular location’s attributes, a hybrid combination of large scale Wind Turbine Farms, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Farms, and/or
  • Geothermal developments may be selected. Wind and Solar often have different intermittencies, so a combination may help optim ise the relative sizing. Wind Turbines could be located upwind of the facility to capture wind energy. Solar Farms could be located to capture the maximum solar radiation (e.g., southside of a northern hemisphere site). Geothermal wells and Binary ORC power generation equipment could be located as required for the subsurface heat resources. Hundreds of MW of clean energy are possible. Where large scale Energy Storage Systems are required based on energy demand curves, excess intermittent renewables power could be used to produce Hydrogen to support the persistent Geothermal power when required.
  • There are many potential locations like this across the Americas, Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

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