Sedimentary Hydrothermal Reservoir

  • Also called Stratigraphic Geothermal Reservoirs.
  • Wet sedimentary rock formation with good porosity, permeability, and geothermal gradient.
  • Reservoir heat flux is a function of crustal thickness and basement temperature, with heat conduction through conductive rock formations and heat advection by rising fluids.
  • Originally explored and developed for hydrocarbon reservoirs, these rock formations may have heated aquifers below.
  • These hydrothermal reservoirs may be able to be exploited with a mixture of repurposed and new production and injection wells to capture the heat for Geothermal energy from surface Binary ORC power generation equipment.
(Ref. Modified from DE-EE0005128 Final Technical Report, DOE EERE – Geothermal Technologies Program, Sept 2016)