Energy Transition Assets

We envisage a crucial role for us in supporting the global shift towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. Here’s how we contribute to the energy transition:

Renewable Energy Projects

  • Stellae Energy creates end-to-end green and clean energy solutions. Our management team, with decades of experience, explores, appraises, and develops energy sources globally. We fund and finance projects that promote renewable energy.
  • Our focus areas include geothermal energy, solar, and wind energy. Geothermal energy, in particular, is gaining importance as it provides consistent power and contributes to the energy mix during the transition.

Energy Efficiency and Decarbonisation

  • Stellae Energy actively supports energy efficiency initiatives. They work towards eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and leakages.
  • By leveraging existing natural resources in some countries and combining them with renewables and energy storage in hybrid schemes, they contribute to a cleaner energy landscape.
  • Not all countries progress at the same pace, but Stellae Energy adapts its solutions to local contexts¹.

Global Collaboration and Impact

  • Stellae Energy collaborates with international experts in green and clean energy technologies. They draw on global knowledge to create sustainable projects.
  • Our projects adhere to ESG++ principles, emphasising environmental, social, and governance factors. We prioritise local communities, capacity building, and technology transfer.
  • Stellae Energy’s initiatives have excellent Net Present Values (NPVs) and robust Internal Rates of Return (IRRs).

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy – the old new frontier in harnessing earth’s green energy.

Not all geographical locations have sufficient solar radiation or wind energy to support the large scale development of these intermittent renewable energies. Another type of renewable energy is possible however in many locations. Geothermal Energy uses the Earth’s heat to produce persistent electrical energy. It is renewable in the sense that the Earth produces it with internal thermal processes not associated with Man and it is naturally replenished – but it is up to us to access it efficiently and as cleanly as possible.

Distributed Energy Solutions

Environmentally sustainable and resilient energy is essential as part of the Energy Transition. Residential, commercial, and industrial users, whether grid connected or not, need a Energy Mix with increased Renewables. Other populations suffer from Energy Poverty which hinders international Sustainable Development Goals.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

As the world works to reduce Global Warming, the capture and storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions has been identified as an important step. CO2 is a by-product of power generation combustion and some industrial processes. CO2 can also be produced from conventional oil and gas reservoirs. Fortunately there are effective technologies to capture this CO2 which can be deployed at source with compression and pipelines to transport the gas to subsurface storage locations.

Hydrogen as an Energy Source and Storage Medium

Hydrogen can be an attractive source of Clean Energy but it can also be an effective Energy Storage medium. There are good applications for Hydrogen in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.