Stellae Energy is a UK energy transition company which creates end to end green and clean energy solutions. Our management team has decades of experience in exploring, appraising, and developing energy sources globally and successfully funding and financing it. Most of our team is based in the United Kingdom and utilises Global Britain’s unrivalled lead in subsurface and energy technology to create long term sustainable energy solutions for the planet to achieve Net Zero Goals.

We have a strong international technical and commercial team with global collaboration agreements in place to draw on world experts in green/clean energy technologies where required. We do not exclusively promote any technology.

We are flexible in our participation and our role could be as project manager/technical advisors, minority interest (sweat equity), or operator including major equity share and arrangement for financing from Multilateral agencies and commercial banks.

We operate with local partners and committed to capacity building and technology transfer, with strong support for local communities under our ESG++ principles and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Stellae Energy team has created some exceptional projects and global collaborations during the last three years. We are pleased to mature three diverse and exciting high growth flagship projects. We are actively pursuing Global Investment Partners to develop these projects. All our projects are ESG++ initiatives supporting Cleaner Energy Transition with excellent NPVs and robust IRR.

We also provide comprehensive technical and business solutions as well as advisory services to emerging and established organisations in Energy, Mining, and Renewables sectors. These solutions and services include performance reviews, business transformation studies, digitalisation conceptual frameworks, investment due diligence advisory, financing plans, exit strategies assistance, and project sanction and development stage gate support. We can support your business to perform better, ensuring it has optimum financial resources and a sound strategy to be executed by a competent management.  

If interested in our energy solutions or collaboration opportunities – please get in touch with