Management Team

David Hartell

Managing Director – Developments, Operations & Production

David has over 40 years of Energy Industry experience including Asset Management, Project Management, Engineering, Construction, Installation, and Production Operations and Maintenance. He has advised energy users with regards to key aspects of the Energy Transition including more efficient energy usage, better field operations with Digital Transformation technologies and tools, reduced GHG emissions, and clean energy with Renewable sources (Solar PV Power, Wind Power, and Geothermal) combined with Energy Storage Systems. He developed Digital Transformation / Integrated Intelligent Operations & Production (IIO&P) solutions for remote and unmanned Energy Industry facilities in Africa, South America, and Australia.

Aurangzeb Bozdar FCA, FCCA

Managing Director – Finance & Strategy

Aurangzeb has more than 25 years’ global experience in finance with a proven record in IPO, strategic exit, raising finance, M&A, incorporated joint ventures, organisational development and strategy implementation. He has been responsible for raising financing through innovative and cost effective methods for global energy, managed multi lingual multi cultural finance teams from Africa, South America, Middle East, and the Far East. Expertise in business transformations, digitalisation and fund raising for Energy, Renewables and Mining sectors

Dr Kristina Sevastianova

Vice President – Energy Asset Development

Kristina Sevastianova has over 15 years of Energy Industry experience including upstream asset evaluation, project management, developing and driving long-term technical research programmes, assessment of technical concepts and solutions. Her responsibilities have included a wide range of duties from collecting data, identifying technical gaps and constraints, evaluating costs and risks to managing cross-functional teams, securing investments, and developing innovative solutions in partnership with leading research institutes, engineering and energy companies across the world. Current work is with clean renewable energies including Solar PV, Wind, and Geothermal for Distributed Energy Generation including Hybrid Microgrids and Standalone Power Systems. She has a PhD in Technical Sciences (Development and maintenance of energy facilities) and a MSc in Applied Maths and Physics.

Mehran I Mirza

Head of Business Development – Middle East & Americas

Mehran has a diverse experience of over three decades from international business advisory, telecommunication, government to energy. He served for two decades in the international energy industry, where he successfully managed the strategy and organisational development. As part of his responsibilities, Mehran remained on the Board of several international jurisdiction companies. He was a key member in several international mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructuring and has considerable governance experience through international joint ventures and representing the various oil and gas companies before the government at the highest level.

Manoj Uthup

Senior Advisor

Manoj has over 25 years of experience in the telecom and related Power sector and has been instrumental in incubating and nurturing many successful telecom infrastructure and related energy projects globally. This includes end-to-end processes of creating telecom infrastructure sharing, expansion (both organics and in-organics) & eventually a profitable exit. He has rich experience in telecom & energy infrastructure spread across the globe, particularly in Europe (Scandinavia, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Croatia), Asia (Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia), Middle East (UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia) & Africa (Across various countries, such as Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Chad). He has expertise in the transformation of telecom and energy infrastructure including Capex and Opex optimisation, implementation of processes, systems and IT tools etc.