Standalone Power System with Diesel Power Backup

When you need reliable, resilient power…

Available as Turnkey/EPCI to Leasing to Reimbursable EaaS (Energy as a Service)

Many users require more reliable, resilient power supply, especially business and commercial users.  With utility grids under strain, it has unfortunately become more common to have curtailments.  Some users may be located where there is no grid or where temporary power supply is required.

Each unit is flexible and scalable for the type of energy demand and supply with all components able to be adjusted in quantity to meet the required capacity.  Securely contained inside a Steel ISO shipping container.  Able to be supplier with trailer.  Pre-assembled and tested prior to transport for easy onsite hook-up.

Separate, external Solar PV panels (possibly shipped inside during transport depending on size).

Separate, external modular Wind Turbine(s) (option).

Diesel power backup is an option suited for users with critical business needs where the occasional fuel cost is offset against the priority application.

For larger scale Load Demand requirements, the SPS can be split into multiple 20ft or 40ft containers.