A Dirty Secret – Polluting Assets are heading into the financial shadows

An eye opening The Economist article perfectly matching our own research in current non ESG and high Polluting industries investment and debt raising patterns.

Signficant non public investment will make matters worse for the #environment#climatechange since no disclosure/reporting may lead to extraction of #hydrocarbons in ways which are more polluting.

We very much agree with Larry Fink, the boss of BlackRock the world’s largest #asset manager, who has suggested a different approach. Sincere #green#investors—and there are plen­ty of them—should hold on to dirty shares and work with man­agers to reduce emissions. He is right. To be truly green, invest­ment strategies must be less black and white.

#Africa has indigenous hydrocarbon resources which should be developed from #equity and #debt funding from multilateral, OECD capital markets and Commercial Banking at reasonable cost of capital and the resulting projects should be publicly listed/owned helping institutional development goals of low income countries.

Africa and other developing nations should also be fully supported for Alternative and Clean Energy be it Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Bio Mass, Modular Nuclear etc.

This comprehensive approach will be key to achieve #sustainabledevelopmentgoals while protecting/managing global #environmentalgoals

All such development should be community based with capacity building and technology transfer as first principles. We believe it is emerging nations’ right to develop with all forms of energy playing a major part and world economic managers should fully support it.

Future is Today.

Stellae Energy Ltd.

The truth about dirty assets | The Economist

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