Hybrid Geothermal and Green Hydrogen Developments

Geothermal Energy resources are found in tens of thousands of locations, however not all locations are conveniently located close to suitable electrical utility grids with good feed-in tariffs. One option is to use the electricity to produce some form of Green Hydrogen for road, rail, or pipeline export to market. Good technical and commercial solutions exist to provide economic, environmentally sustainable energy in this manner.

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  • How could Geothermal Energy be linked to Green Hydrogen?
  • Not all potential Geothermal development locations may be close enough to suitable utility grids with adequate feed-in tariffs for export sales of electricity.  In these cases, one option could be to produce some form of Green Hydrogen (i.e., liquified, pressurised, or transformed into pressurised liquid ammonia) that might be able to economically carry energy to end users.
  • Road, rail, pipeline, or water transport of these green energy carriers would allow the produced energy to move to market for eventual use in industrial processes, transportation fuels, or with fuel cells to produce clean electricity for the end users who may have bad grids or no grid access.
  • Optional Solar PV and/or Wind Turbines could be used to help improve overall facility efficiency.
  • Batteries could be used to help stabilise the local microgrid. Decarbonisation is well supported by these hybrid solutions.

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