Hybrid Solar PV and Hydrogen Power Microgrid Systems

Off grid or Bad grid Standalone Power Systems (SPS)

Off grid or bad grid Standalone Power Systems can utilise hybrid Solar PV and Hydrogen power solutions to provide economic, environmentally sustainable clean Renewable Energy systems. In some locations, the Solar PV can be supplemented by Wind Turbines. For locations with good road access, the Hydrogen can be produced from excess electricity at large regional Solar PV or Wind Farms and transported in cylinders for periodic resupply.

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  • Modularised and scalable from individual Residential to Multi-Family to small and medium Commercial to small scale Industrial users.
  • Solar PV system would be the primary energy source, but Wind Turbines could also be used based on the location’s suitability.
  • Batteries would be used for rapid response, short duration intermittencies prior to switching over to the Hydrogen Fuel Cell System.
  • Excess electricity would be used with a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyser to produce Green Hydrogen which would be compressed and stored in tanks. Hydrogen is a good high capacity, long duration Energy Storage System unaffected by usage or cycle degradation. The Hydrogen System for areas with good road access could be replaced by tanks only, refilled from Hydrogen produced at large regional Solar PV or Wind Farms. A PEM Fuel Cell would produce electricity as required.
  • Depending on location, seasonal variation of solar radiation could mean the Batteries may be fine in summer, but in winter the Fuel Cell may
  • have higher duty. Balancing energy supply and demand requires a suitable control system which could be remotely monitored.
  • Able to be combined with Shallow Geothermal solutions for heating and cooling to help minimise power demands.
  • Economic, environmentally sustainable clean Renewable Energy systems like this offer great promise, particularly for remote locations.

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