Geothermal – Sedimentary Geology

Geothermal energy is able to be captured from several types of subsurface locations. One such location is Hydrothermal Reservoirs which may have been found during conventional oil & gas exploration and development. These heated aquifers are able to be utilised by repurposing some wells and/or drilling new wells for fluid production and injection. Surface power generation would use this heat in Binary ORC turbine expander generators.

  • Reservoir heat flux is a function of crustal thickness and basement temperature, with heat conduction through conductive rock formations and heat advection by rising fluids;
  • Originally explored and developed for hydrocarbon reservoirs, these rock formations may have heated aquifers below;
  • These hydrothermal reservoirs may be able to be exploited with a mixture of repurposed and new production and injection wells to capture the heat for Geothermal energy from surface Binary ORC power generation equipment.

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