Geothermal Plays – Conduction Dominated

Fortunately with low and medium enthalpy power generation solutions, thousands of additional locations would have potential for Geothermal Energy developments subject to normal exploration. Conduction dominated plays include deep aquifers (hydrothermal) or hot dry rock (petrothermal) heated by locally elevated near normal heat flow. Once again there may not be any surface manifestations, but we have good technologies and tools to help locate and assess these potential resources.

“…deep aquifers (hydrothermal) or hot dry rock (petrothermal) heated by locally elevated near normal heat flow…”

Conduction-dominated play systems (including hydrothermal and petrothermal systems in sedimentary basins or crystalline rock) offer significant numbers of opportunities for future Geothermal power plants thanks to the increased use of low and medium enthalpy Binary Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power generation technologies.

These Geothermal systems would be able to use Reservoir Engineering simulation tools (used for hydrocarbon plays) to model the circulation of fluids here with the addition of heat transfer modelling.

In some of locations, conventional oil and gas exploration and/or development wells may exist to provide additional detailed data. In some instances, end of life hydrocarbon wells may be able to access geothermal systems (e.g., aquifers) adjacent to the hydrocarbon plays.

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