Potential Geothermal Development Example – Sedimentary Basin

As Europe is facing high electricity costs and energy security issues, there is an economic, environmentally sustainable energy source beneath their feet – persistent Geothermal Energy. In addition to other good prospective locations in Western and Eastern Europe, there are two good basins in Germany – the Upper Rhine Graben and the Molasse Basin. Some exploration and development work has been done by great pioneers, and their results and data have illustrated the potential. Modern low and medium enthalpy Geothermal solutions mean that these heat resources can be developed with Levelised Cost of Electricity (US $/kWh) much less than current electricity (and gas) prices. These opportunities need to be urgently scaled up to help sustain Europe’s Energy Transition. And as a bonus, where some subsurface locations may not have enough heat flux for electricity, they may be useful for district heating and sometimes for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

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