Stellae Energy is a UK energy transition company with management team having decades of experience in exploring, appraising, and developing energy sources globally and successfully funding and financing it. Most of our team is based in the United Kingdom and plans to use Global Britain’s unrivalled lead in subsurface and energy technology to create long term sustainable energy solutions for the planet to achieve Net Zero Goals.

We are currently undertaking major pre feasibility work across the globe with large energy groups and multilateral agencies to identify sustainable energy locations, sources and solutions.

We also provide comprehensive technical and business solutions as well as advisory services to emerging and established organisations in Energy, Mining, and Renewables sectors. These solutions and services include performance reviews, business transformation studies, digitalisation conceptual frameworks, investment due diligence advisory, financing plans, exit strategies assistance, and project sanction and development stage gate support. We can support your business to perform better, ensuring it has optimum financial resources and a sound strategy to be executed by a competent management.  

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